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Lohardaga: Closure of bauxite mine opposed

The Chhotanagpur Bauxite Workers' Union (CBWU), which is affiliated to the Indian National Trade Union Congress, on Saturday, opposed the closure of a mine 9625 of the Hindalco Industries Limited in the Pakhar bauxite plateau.


The meeting was held in the residential office of CBWU's and leaders vehemently opposed the Union labour ministry's nod to Hindalco to close down the bauxite mine 9625 in the Pakhar plateau.


The union leaders had earlier staged a demonstration in March when the company issued a notice in this regard. It is feared that as many as 250 regular labourers would become jobless if the company goes ahead with its plan.


The CBWU leaders have decided to move court if the company refuses to listen to their appeal. The company will have to close all its mines and activities if it does not provide jobs to the workers of the 9625 mine, the CBWU general secretary said.


MLA Bhagat said that the company is cheating the government by giving wrong information about the bauxite deposits in mine 9625. The company has a total lease of 774 acres in Pakhar area while the mine under the closure threat is of less than 2 acres.


On the other hand, labourers, who had given their land to the company on lease, were employed in the company and not in the said mine. He said that some of the Congress MPs have been requested to raise the issue in the ongoing session of the Parliament even as the Union labour ministry has promised to review the matter.


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